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"Building character by encouraging and cultivating talent through training and education."

Our Vision

In the future, we aim to be a role model in achieving gender equality through sports. That said, we do not want to give opportunities through football only but through diverse talent identification.

Who We Are

We are a relatively young football academy and NGO founded in 2021 by three partners: Alexander Mensah, Isaac Aidoo and Fiete Kaupp. Coming from very unique backgrounds, our team unified through a common vision: Develop African Talent. Our children come from less privileged backgrounds, often being raised by a single-parent or in orphanages. We aim to support our players by offering access to education and coaching.

Our Team





Head of Recruitment

Alexander is our head of recruitment and a primary teacher. He has studied and completed physical education at tertiary level. Alex has played football at a high-level in Ghana previously but had to stop due to a lack of support. His educational experience and passion for scouting has proven his great eye for talent and character. Alex joined African Giants to make a difference by giving the children the opportunity and support that he lacked.





Operating Director

Isaac is the initial founder of Mal FC, the club that transformed into African Giants Football Academy. He has been very successful as a coach at juvenile level by winning the National Milo Games 2016, the biggest juvenile competition in Ghana. Moreover, he has contributed to the talent development of two Ghanaian children that are now playing at professional level in Europe and Asia. His expertise in operating a football club and passion for coaching has earned him the position as head of operations. Isaac joined African Giants as he saw the need for a more structured organization that has the potential to build great partnerships with sport for development partners all over the world.





Strategic Director

Fiete is our Strategic Director and link to partners in - and outside Ghana. Fiete first saw the need for professional structures in sport organizations when he came as a volunteer to Ghana. Two years later, during an internship in Ghana, he initiated the project African Giants Football Academy as a first step towards his vision of developing natural talent and character through football and education. His passion for sport for development and perseverance in building African Giants through raising awareness and finding partners makes him the third cornerstone.

What We Stand For

African Giants Football Academy stands for a safe space where we promote and encourage mutual learning. As one big family,  we aim to instill values and principles, as well as guide our children on their way to adulthood. We do that through offering educational and sports opportunities that nurture their curiosity, happiness and self-belief.  As our name implies, we ultimately stand for African Giants that are richly blessed with talent and just waiting for opportunities to display it to the world. 


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