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We have new partners!

1 Nov 2021

We have partnered with different platforms and companies. Those include SocaLoca, Revolve Sport and Together We Move.

Socaloca: “SocaLoca is the home for football academies of any scale, age category, playing level, or location. SocaLoca provides an innovative and intuitive platform designed around the modern needs of a football academy” (SocaLoca, 2021). The SocaLoca Academy Console is a web-based system which helps us manage our academy and academy players in terms of biodata and tracking development.

Revolve Sport: “Revolve Sport is a distinctive sports consultancy focused on addressing inequality in society through the medium of sport” (Revolve Sport, 2021). Revolve Sport support us in terms of offering expertise to our project, specifically in planning and strategizing.

Together We Move – Entwicklungspolitische Sportprojekte: Together We Move aims to support sport for development projects all around the world. Sport is seen as a specific tool to educate and communicating values. The organization is based in Germanya and has been co-founded by our co-founder Fiete Kaupp. African Giants is one of the first two partner projects.

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